Professional Drilling Services since 1983

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Bridger Drilling earns the trust of engineers throughout the Southeast

Expert drilling services for the geotechnical and environmental engineering community.

Bridger Drilling provides fast quotes, efficient mobilizations throughout the Southeast, real-time data and exceptional service. Our team of professional drillers operates a diverse fleet of CPT, ATV, Track- and Truck-mounted rigs for all conditions.

President Ryan Bridger, and Founder George Bridger

We know what engineers need in a drilling partner

President Ryan Bridger, PE, and Founder George Bridger understand what engineers need from a drilling partner.

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Put our experienced drilling crews and fleet to work

  • Experienced crews with specialized expertise
  • Diverse drilling fleet
  • Flexibility to run multiple rigs and shifts
  • Ready to access heavily regulated state and federal sites
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President Ryan Bridger, and Founder George Bridger

Diverse fleet suited for any terrain or subsurface condition

Bridger Drilling’s fleet of equipment stands at the ready for a wide variety of projects. Our clean equipment and sampling methodology exceed our clients’ expectations.